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Prospect Research Form

Please use this form to request general prospect research (i.e., a list of funders who might be interested in your project or initiative). The general turnaround time for such requests is two to four (2-4) weeks. If you need a quicker turnaround than that, please contact the Corporate and Foundation Relations Team at, or Katie Shevlin, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations. (To find information about a specific funder regarding grant history, program areas, and application guidelines, you can also use UVA's Foundation Directory Online institutional account to find an individual funder's informational profile. See on locating a specific funder's profile here.)

Grant-seekers may also consider doing this research themselves, through using UVa’s institutional access to Foundation Directory Online. Go to the Getting Started page under Research Funders on Foundation Relations’ home page for instructions on how to access this database and carry out a search to find prospective foundation funders.

When providing a description for your project, try to think of keywords and topics that serve as its crucial themes or focus(es). Your description should generally be no longer than a paragraph or a few sentences. If you have a short summary/abstract description already written, it may be useful for this purpose. This information will provide us with a clearer direction during the research process, and likely yield better results in identifying funders interested in funding your project.